Art & Culture

From the beginning, art and culture have played an important role in the creation and identity of Huis Wylerberg. Founder Marie Schuster was a great admirer of Expressionism, and by hiring architect Otto Bartning she has also integrated this artistic style into the design of the house.

In addition, Marie Schuster owned many expressionistic artworks and she was also friends with a great number of artists who visited her in Huis Wylerberg and were in turn also inspired by the house and the surroundings.

Unfortunately, after the war a lot of the art in Huis Wylerberg was lost or simply disappeared.

Self-portrait of Arnold Schönberg, expressionistic composer and painter and frequent visitor of Huis Wylerberg in the Schuster-years.

Also an important element of Huis Wylerberg in the Schuster-years is (expressionistic) music. Already in Marie Schuster’s time concerts took place in Huis Wylerberg. The historic music hall was even especially built for this purpose. After Marie’s death, too, Alice and her girlfriend and pianist Else C. Kraus organised various musical performances here.

Today, concerts are again being held in the music hall in Huis Wylerberg. In the run-up to the hundredth anniversary of the house, various musical performances will take place. On the page programme you can find these concerts.

For more information about the concerts, you can get in touch with Jeroen van Zuylen via

Present-day concert in the music hall in Huis Wylerberg.